Photography is pieces of time that one can hold in their hands" – these are the words of Angela Carter, a British writer, poet, and journalist. Wedding photography aims to capture those most magical moments – times when you are together in happiness, embarking on a new, shared life. As a wedding photographer, I strive to be a faithful observer of the events where the Bride and Groom are the main characters. I don't interfere or pose, but simply freeze the most important moments for you in the frame.


Wedding Photography in Poland – Pricing

The cost of wedding photography in Poland varies greatly, as there is a high density of offerings, and the costs depend on many factors. The price mainly includes the photographer's working time, the number of edited photos, the quantity of prints, and additional keepsakes like a photo book. You have probably included a certain price range in your budget for the photographer. My offer includes 3 packages. Below, you will find a table that shows what is included in each package. There are also additional options available, such as an engagement session, extra albums, large prints, and copies.


Our primary service area includes Krakow and its surroundings. The prices quoted include travel within a 100km radius of Krakow. If you are from a more distant part of Poland - don't hesitate to write to us, we have already taken wedding photos in various parts of Poland and Europe.


In performing wedding photography, my primary focus is on the Bride Couple, but upon the couple's request, we can also dedicate time to posed wedding photographs with guests. For me, the most important aspects in wedding photography are naturalness, emotions, and capturing the most wonderful moments of the wedding and reception in the frame. Just as a journalist strives to faithfully transfer onto paper the words that describe the experiences of their characters, my task as a Cracow wedding photographer is to faithfully capture your emotions, sentiments, and feelings in the frame.


In our lives, there are many special moments that we consider important and worthy of celebration. Undoubtedly, one such event is a wedding, when two people make one of the most significant decisions. This is a special moment that we will remember for a lifetime and also want to share with our family and close friends.

Wedding Photography - Best Locations for Wedding Session in Poland

The list of locations where a wedding session can be conducted in the vicinity of Krakow is very long. We are fortunate that Krakow is surrounded by beautiful castles, national parks, and mountains. As for the places where we most often take wedding photos, the mountains and old town are our favorite. Below you can find the most recommended places:

  • Old Town and Main Square - The Old Town and Main Square of Krakow, with their rich history and stunning architecture, provide a timeless and elegant setting for wedding photography.
  • Wawel Castle - Wawel Castle, a symbol of Polish heritage, offers a majestic and royal backdrop, perfect for capturing the grandeur of your wedding day.
  • Tyniec Monastery - The serene and historical Tyniec Monastery, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Vistula River, offers a unique and peaceful setting for wedding photos.
  • Kazimierz - Kazimierz, the historic Jewish quarter of Krakow, offers a unique and culturally rich backdrop, blending old-world charm with artistic urban vibes for your wedding photos.
  • Podgórze District with Krakus Mound - The Podgórze District, known for its charming streets and the iconic Krakus Mound, provides a blend of urban and natural landscapes for diverse photo opportunities.
  • Tatra Mountains - The Tatra Mountains offer a stunning natural backdrop, ideal for couples who want dramatic and breathtaking scenery in their wedding photographs.
  • Beskids - The Beskids, with their rolling hills and lush greenery, are a perfect choice for couples looking for a serene and natural setting for their wedding session.
  • Pieniny - The Pieniny mountains are known for their picturesque landscapes and tranquil ambiance, making them a beautiful and peaceful location for wedding photography.

Each of these locations around Krakow has its unique charm, providing a variety of stunning backdrops for wedding photography, from historic and urban to iconic natural beauty.

Photography in Wedding - A Keepsake for Years

Can you imagine a wedding without photos? Such an important celebration cannot go without a photographer. Wedding photos are a keepsake for a lifetime. They are a carrier of emotions and the atmosphere that accompanies this most important day. The wedding album is a keepsake that you will return to during family reunions, anniversaries, or just to reminisce about that day. Your photos will be viewed not only by family and friends, but also by future generations like your children and grandchildren. Memory is fleeting, so it's important that your wedding session captures the most important moments and creates an unforgettable reportage. Details are important in wedding photography. I know you might not be thinking about this now, but in years to come, you will wonder – what the room decorations and the cake looked like, whether the groom's bow tie was polka-dotted or plaid, and what lace adorned the bride's dress. Then you will be able to return to the photos and recall even such details. I won't overwhelm you with details, but there will be a few shots of things that emphasized the atmosphere and style of the ceremony on that day.

Wedding Photographer Poland - How to Make the Right Choice?

Exchanging vows, the first dance, or cutting the cake... – these are moments we want to immortalize, and we can do so through memorable wedding photographs. Our grandparents or parents didn't have the same choices as we do. You probably remember the framed wedding photos that once adorned the walls of rooms in homes? Sometimes, these were the few photos that survived from the wedding ceremony. Today, things are a bit different, and the options are vast. So, how do you choose a good wedding photographer? What should you pay attention to? Should you seek recommendations from friends, or perhaps browse the Internet? In the article below, you will find several tips.

How to Find a Good Wedding Photographer?

The most common practice in finding a photographer is talking to friends and relying on recommendations. However, sometimes we may not have anyone to ask for recommendations, or the recommended photographer may be already booked. Then, it's worth starting your search by entering key terms on the Internet, such as: "wedding photographer Poland" or "wedding photography Krakow". Of course, you don't have to choose a photographer from a specific region. For example, I take on assignments all over Poland. Another option is to find a photographer through Facebook or Instagram, where you can enter relevant hashtags like: #weddingphotographer, #weddingphotography and send a query for an offer. You can also take a shortcut and post an advertisement yourself (on popular websites or online groups where every wedding photographer should be present) and you will probably receive several interesting proposals to consider.

Choose a Wedding Photographer Whose Photos Touch Your Heart

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a photographer should be their portfolio. We all know that everyone has different tastes and a sense of aesthetics. Review the work of several photographers and choose the ones that speak to you the most. A good way is also to arrange an engagement session and test the photographer's skills in action. Some people will be guided by the photographer's ingenuity and adaptability in various conditions, and sometimes you can even have a beautiful session on the wedding day. After all, it's your most important day! Then arrange a talk or an online meeting with the photographer and discuss your expectations. Here you can see a gallery containing wedding photos.


Choose a Photographer with Whom You Feel Comfortable

Sounds strange? Not at all! As a wedding photographer, I care about establishing a bond of sympathy between myself and the future spouses. We spend the whole day and often the night together 😊. It's very important to be able to relax in front of the camera to look natural. Of course, I'll share with you a few secret tips on how to look good in photos, but that's not all. Everything must take place in a pleasant atmosphere! I am committed to making the most beautiful reportage of your wedding day, so you can return to it and share the joy captured in the photos with your loved ones. Choose a photographer who presents you with an interesting offer.


Choose a Photographer with Whom You Can Settle on Favorable Term

Let's not hide the fact that organizing a wedding takes a lot of time… and money. You've probably included a certain price range in your budget for the photographer. It's worth getting to know the price list thoroughly and talking specifically about the number of photos and possibilities. I'm here to answer all your questions and doubts. Did you like my photos? I invite you to check out my offer and to visit my pages on social networks Facebook and Instagram.