Are you looking for professional professional headshot, bussines or corporate photographer? Do you need professional photo services for your company? You couldn't have found a better place! We will capture you from the best side and show that potential customers are dealing with an expert in their field.


It is possible to purchase additional options to the above-mentioned packages::
-Additional retouched photo - 60PLN / picture,
-Photo Studio in Cracow - 220PLN / session,
-Purchase of all photos taken during the session (no retouch) 600PLN / session,
-Assistance of make-up artist during the session (makeup, styling) - individual pricing.


Professional Headshots - Pricing

Choose for yourself whether the Business Photo Shoot is to be organized at your office location or in our studio in Krakow. Our main region of operation is Cracow and surroundings, therefore the prices given include access within this area. We are also work in another areas of Poland, like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice - so feel free to write us and we will take professional headshots in any location you choose. The pricing of Business Photo Shoots depends on several factors, like:
- Number of people participating in the session,
- Number of retouched photographs,
- Photo Shoot duration.


Business Photography - Express Option

Among your messages, there are inquiries about the fast delivery of our photographs after photo shoot in 24hours. That's why we decided to extend of our offer with such a possibility. However, and additional 50% should be added to such a service to the prices of photo shoots listed above.


Professional Headshots Poland

This type of photography is not just ordinary frames. When performing photo sessions for entrepreneurs or business owners, we focus on the aesthetic appearance of our clients. In addition, we also take care of the colors and light, which give the photos a character appropriate for a given business.


Business Photography - company's headquarters or photo studio?

Tell us what photos you care about the most, and we will suggest the best solution for you. We will help you decide whether your business photos are to be more official like in corporate photography or you would prefer to show yourself in a slightly looser "startup" atmosphere and just create classic business photo shoots. When conducting a business session for you or your company, we will analyze what you do and find out what your target group is, and then we will take the planned photos. We also offer a portable studio, thanks to which we can take professional business photo shoots and headshots also in your office.


Business Portrait Photography - we are not only limited to Cracow

Do you want your employees to present themselves well on business cards, in e-mail footers or even on private profiles on Linkedin? Organize a photo session for them. All you need to do is tell about the structure of the company and I will present the plan of session schedule. During a few hours of work, I will create business portraits for each person in the company, while not working overtime. You can propose the suggested themes for a session that fits in with the brand's key visual, or choose a classic. Remember, your team is your business card! So far, I have taken business photos for employees of many Krakow companies. From small businesses to large corporations. Professional Headshots and Business Photography focuses more on freelancers and freelance professions such as lawyer or doctor. Photographs in this style are also used as photos for the software houses. On the other hand, Corporate Photography is sometimes a great organizational challenge. Therefore, we help with the organization and logistics in this area. I have worked with people of big business, entrepreneurs, managers as well as small local companies. What I have learned is that despite photographing many people, at the moment my focus is only on the one in front of the lens. I attach great importance to the fact that everyone is satisfied with the results of the session.


Professional Headshots for Resume

Business photography is not only an offer addressed to people who run their own business. When you are looking for your dream job, you have so many responsibilities on your mind that you don't want to worry if you turned out well in the photo. This is where our role begins. You can relax, and we will take care of the correct setting, lighting and processing. We guarantee that a well-made business portrait photo will certainly catch the eye of the recruiter. Before you know it, you will already go to your dream company for a job interview. You will not regret it if you choose to cooperate with our studio. Before the session, we will conduct an interview with you, during which you will be able to present your expectations. Together, we will determine the nature of the session - whether it will be a business photo shoot, a lifestyle photo shoot or a classic headshot for resume, and then we will consider its arrangement. We will adjust the atmosphere of the photos to the type of business. After all, the lawyer will need completely different business photo shots and the restaurant owner will need different life style photos. If business photos in Krakow - it's only with us!


Professional Headshots Kraków

With this type of photography, we always focus on simplicity, a good portrait photography is characterized by the fact that it is taken on a uniform background. Usually they are white, gray or black. Based on our experience, in most cases we suggest taking a photo on a gray or dark gray background, which will be perfect for lighter and darker creations.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Do we take profile headshots for Linkedin?

Of course, our photos can be successfully used as a profile photo on Linkedin. In the case of this type of photography, we suggest taking photos against a solid background. After the session, we will help you choose the best business portrait on Linkedin.

Business portraits - Where can i use them?

In fact, Business Photography can be used in many different ways, regardless of whether you are the owner of a large company and want your image on the web - on your website and on social media to be presented in a fully professional way . Or maybe you are a freelancer and need Professional Headshot for an effective offer, or are you a person who just wants to take a resume photo and look completely professional on it. To sum up in one sentence - business photography is one of the forms of visual communication for anyone who wants to present themselves in the best possible way on the web.

Corporate Photography - photos for large companies?

Yes of course. We are well aware of how long the decision-making process in a large international corporation can last. Therefore, we try to come out to help by providing full support in the organization of the session and the creation of a concept in which the photos could be realized. We do large team sessions - we have no limit to the number of people photographed during the session. Write to us and we will quote photos in detail for your company. Corporate Photography in Krakow is so nice that we can find here a lot of nice business parks which are the perfect background during the session.

Business photo shoot for Software House?

A photo session for Software House is a great way to present your company and team. We are well aware that the key element for the operation of Software House is acquiring the right people for sales teams and programmers. Therefore, we help in taking photos that are used, among others, for employer branding campaigns, presenting the company as an attractive place to work in it. If you are considering making a session for your Software House, contact us and we will certainly suggest a suitable solution for you.

Professional Headshots Warsaw – how to prepare?

Business photography is your business card with great impact. Well-taken business photos reflect the personality, giving the environment a clear message. It's good to know how to prepare for a business session to avoid a faux pas.



How to dress for Business Photography?

The dress code in a business session depends on what its purpose is, but also on the industry in which you operate. If you work in the creative industry, then the most important thing is your personality and how you present it to the world. You don't have to wear a suit or a suit, a T-shirt, and even jeans and interesting accessories will be great here. On the other hand, if you work in an industry where dress-code should be elegant - choose something classic and timeless. Here are some universal tips that will help you create a creative for a business session:
- Avoid bright colors and a lot of prints or prints - they distract from you,
- Very fine patterns such as dots or stripes can cause unnatural distortions,
- Choose fabrics that do not crease - you will avoid unnecessary stress and your outfit will look neat,
- Avoid using translucent clothes,
- Dress to feel comfortable and at ease
- In the lifestyle session, choose light pastel colors,
- Avoid a lot of black and white clothes in the business session - grenades will work better here,
- Avoid short-sleeved shirts with the sleeves pressed into the crease,
- Take the second outfit, it is worth having a change to take a few different shots. We invite you to read the entry on our blog: How to dress for a business session


What hairstyle for Corporate Portraits

A carefully arranged and well-chosen hairstyle can bring out the greatest advantages of the photographed face. Hair is a natural ornament, which is worth taking care of so that our image photos are as attractive as possible. You don't have to go to the hairdresser, as long as you take care of it at home. Here are some rules to follow:
- Hairstyle for a business session should be careful. Unruly strands will look bad in the photo,
- Avoid a hairstyle that is completely different to the one you wear on a daily basis. Bet on proven solutions,
- The hair should behave naturally, the varnish should tame it and not stiffen it, creating a helmet effect,
- Do not use any ornaments in the form of clips or bands,
- If you are planning to visit the hairdresser, don't do it right before the session. Changing the hairstyle, even not entirely radical, can sometimes fail. Moreover, cut hair looks best a few days after visiting the hairdresser. They have time to settle down and start looking natural.


What makeup for a professional headshots?

Make-up for a photo session should be stronger than everyday makeup, because the light for photos makes the make-up seem less expressive. Correctly made make-up will enhance your beauty and hide its shortcomings. Make sure the skin tone is even and the face matte, so that it does not "shine" in the photos. When doing makeup for a photo shoot, be sure to extend it to your neck, cleavage and shoulders. In this simple way you can prevent the appearance of contrasts in the color of the skin.

Facial hair - mustache and beard in Business Photography?

If you wear facial hair on a daily basis and it doesn't make you hard to recognize, you don't need to shave. Just remember to make your beard look good. Before the session, use cosmetics that will keep your hair in order, and it is best to visit a barber who will take care of the proper haircut.

Extras - what can and what can be avoided in Business Photography

Jewelry should not be very expressive. Also, let's not overdo it with accessories. Two or three types of delicate jewelry will be enough. Remember that the face is the most important in a business photo, and that face should attract the most attention.

Corporate photography - do you take photo shoots on client location?

Of course, our offer is characterized by the fact that each time we try to adapt it to the client's needs. We take business photos all over Poland and we took the sessions in cities such as: Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, Wrocław and many others. However, it should be remembered that the price list on this website includes access to business photos in Krakow. In the case of other cities, the session is priced individually. The proposed locations in various cities in Poland can be found in the following article: Business Photography - the best locations in Poland.

Corporate Photography - Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław?

If you want us to make a photo session for you, and image photos are not exactly what you are looking for, you can also take a look at the page devoted to the description of all types of photo sessions we make: Photo session Krakow.